Friday, 22 June 2012

Sunnah of Jumuah (Friday)

Salam Jumuah.
May Allah bless us on this blessed day, InsyaAllah <3

As we all know, today is the day that full of Barakah.
So, as a Muslim who is seeking for Allah's redha, let's increase our worship to Allah.

Sunnah of Jumuah :

  • To take a Jumuah sunnah bath and wear perfumes.
On one Friday, Rasulallah said: “O Muslims! Allah Ta’ala has made this day a day of Eid. So have a bath on this day, whoever has perfume should apply it, and use the Miswaak."

(Ibn Majah)

  • Wear nice and clean clothes especially for the men that will perform Jumuah prayer at the mosque.

  • Go early to the mosque by walking for Jumuah prayer.
Rasulullah (s.a.w) said: “On the day of Jummah, the angels stand at the entrance of that Masjid in which Jummah salaat is to be offered. They write down the name of the person who enters the Masjid first, and thereafter the name of the person who follows, and they continue doing this. The person who entered first will receive the reward of sacrificing a

camel in the path of Allah; the one who followed him will get the reward of sacrificing a cow, thereafter a chicken, thereafter the reward of giving an egg as charity in the path of Allah. Once the khutbah commences, the angels close the register and begin listening to the khutbah. “ (Bukhari and Muslim)

To walk to the Masjid if possible for every step is a reward of a years Nafl Fast (Tirmidhi)

  • Increase the selawat for Rasulullah S.A.W.
According to a Hadith recorded in Tabarani on the authority of Abdullah Ibn Abbas (RA) :

Abu Hurraira (RA) reports that the Holy Prophet (Pbuh) said: “Whoever recites the following Durood eighty times immediately after Asr Salaat on Friday, before standing up from his

place, Allah will forgive eighty years of sins and grant him the reward equivalent to eighty
years of worship.”

Allahumma salli alaa muhammadinin nabiyyil ummiyyi wa-ala aalihi wasallim tasleema
O Allah bless Muhammad, the unlettered Prophet, and his family and grant them best of

peace. (Jame Sagheer)

  • Listen very attentively to the khutba even you don't understand. Please be quiet during khutba.

  • Between the two khutbas, one should make du'a.
Rasulullah (SAW) said: “There is such an hour on Friday that if any Muslim makes dua in it, his dua will definitely be accepted.” (Bukhari, Muslim)

  • Pray to seek the good in the world and the hereafter and seek refuge from the Fire.

  • Read Al-Quran especially Surah Al-Kahfi.
 Related by Hakim and Bayhaqi, from Abu Sa`id “Whoever recites Surat al-Kahf on Friday, light shall shine forth for him between the two Fridays.” (Ibn Hajar, Talkhis al- Habir)

May Allah bless us .

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